Mo Anam Cara Bangle (My Soul Mate) Sterling Silver


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A beautiful Irish gift for someone special, this Mo Anam Cara bracelet is a stunning symbol of love. Mo Anam Cara is Irish for “My Soul Mate” giving this bracelet a beautiful meaning. The bracelet is crafted from striking sterling silver. It measures approximately 7 ½” long and 3/8″ wide, and has a hinge closing. This gorgeous bracelet is crafted by Boru in Co. Dublin, Ireland. Brou is an award winning manufacturer or Celtic jewelry. Get this symbolic Mo Anam Cara bracelet for your soul mate!A sterling silver bracelet that reads “Mo Anam Cara”.
Measures approximately 7 ½” around and 3/8″ wide.
Mo Anam Cara translates to “My Soul Mate”.
Made by Boru Jewelry located in Co. Dublin, Ireland.